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Ways To Advertise Your Business- Make More Sales

ways to advertise your business

Do you have a little/local business to promote? Do you have a strategy to promote the business? How was it? Or you failed? OK, now I will tell you the ways to advertise your business and make more sales, its freely right from my personal experiences and research.

Before we start, do you have a website? If no then try to get one (build one free)
As an entrepreneur, it is highly recommended to have a website as it would serve as a chamber of your business. Remember customers honor business websites.
You must make sure your products/services you want to market are genuine and reliable. Then you can consider these hints/tips to promote your business freely.

Requirements are

  • Serious operating business.
  • Website (with a custom domain is preferable)
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Business Email
  • Business phone number
  • Quora
  • Logo
  • Pinterest
How to apply the above requirements


The website/blog is the chamber where your customers land finally.
The function of a website is necessary because it functions as a mart.
when building a website try to make it more professional as possible.
I build my website though I usedfree hosting website with a custom domain as a beginner. Then upload my contents and market them.
Also, I write about my business and set up my business and set up my policy in the about page and privacy policy/term and condition page respectively.
I provided the expected information that allows customers to interact with me. I grouped/categorized my content on different pages.
Also, I discovered people pay respect to businesses who always direct customers to their business website.
Remember it’s the chamber of your business and also a mart.

Facebook page

Using the Facebook platform is necessary when promoting a business today as it is now one of the social networks with billions of users.
I created a Facebook page and share my post from my blog/website to the Facebook page.
After that, I invite my friends to like my page or promote my page to reach more Facebook users.
I do promote/boost some of my posts to catch the interest of people to my products.
I also set up my page to respond instantly to people who message me via the Facebook page when am online or not before I reply to the person.
But I haven’t use messenger bot.

Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the best Smart Strategies to Promote Small Businesses and the biggest social networking platforms. Millions of people use this platform.
Users create a post and interact with messages known as a tweet with 280 characters.
Twitter is the social network famous people use. On Twitter, you can interact with people like celebrities, politicians, businessmen, etc.
So I use this advantage to promote my business as well.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is another largest search engine/social media platform with billions of users.
I created my YouTube channel and set everything up including the playlist.
I make videos of my business products/service and upload it to my YouTube channel to reach more people that will patronize my products/services.
Watching YouTube videos attract people than reading content and it also entertain them if my videos are well professionally made.
Note: your videos must be well-edited and look much professional.
It is highly recommended to usecustom URL for your YouTube Channel once you are eligible to use that.
Your videos Meta Data should be strong in order to get your videos/business in front of people who searches topics related to yours.
Once you upload a video message your subscribers to watch the video.
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Business Email

Having Business Email is what makeup business so having it customized is necessary and respectful. For example; my business name isoooo” and my website” should I use Email like”? No! But something like” this is an example of a custom business email.
Note: custom business email ain’t free.
People respect custom business Email than ordinary or free email.

Business Phone Number

The benefit of having a phone number for your business is very important. You can have a separate phone number instead of using your personal phone number.
I do provide my business phone number on my Facebook page, YouTube channel, website, etc which allow my customers to discuss via phone call.
I also discovered when a customer speaks directly to the business agents they feel impressed and they are like you are too much concerned about them and not only how you can market your products/services.
And those customers will love patronizing your business forever as long as you provide them enough solutions to the challenges they had concerning your business.


Quora is a social media/forum platform where users post questions and it’s answered by other users.
How I use the advantage of quora is that I post questions related to my business and add a link that directs quora users to my website so that they could understand better what I answered.
When I saw a question I write/blog about the question then I share the link to answer the person‘s question.
The reason I love doing that is that everyone using quora is more serious than Facebook users when it comes to engagement.
Last but not least Smart Strategies to Promote Small Business is a logo, the logo is a symbol that acts as a means of identification of your business. It is necessary to design your logo for your business.
If you design an attractive and meaningful logo you will get your customers patronizing your business as well
I have my logo appeared on my website, Facebook page, Pinterest, etc. When people saw my logo appeared on my products they easily recognize it’s my product and might catch their interest.

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