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USB INSTALLER FOR WINDOWS 10 (Good things you never knew)


Just of recent, people have been doubting if one can use USB INSTALLER FOR WINDOWS 10 today I will teach you possibly it is

USB Installer For Windows 10

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was released in January 1996. It is a standard connection by electronic devices like flash drives, computers, smartphones, etc. Generally for connectors and cables. It is a technology that allows connections to be established between a computer and an electronic device.

The USB installer is very easy to use and operate, allowing you to make a choice from a wide range of Linux distributions to place on your universal serial bus (USB), all you need to do is choose the live Linux distribution of your choice, the ISO file, your flash drive and click the install button.
Windows 10 is one of the latest Windows models that has been introduced and fortunately it can be installed with the use of the USB drive.

This is a very essential and necessary tool for computer support because it can also help to repair and boot a broken Windows installation or a new one on a new computer.USB INSTALLER FOR WINDOWS 10

How to download or create a Windows 10 by USB installation.

Note: Make sure the USB flash drive has been formatted before you commence.
* Choose a USB drive or a portable hard drive of about 8gigabytes to store data. Preferably a 3.0 drive for faster copy rate.
* Download the official Windows 10 media creation tool from MS (Microsoft). Everything you need to create the bootable Windows 10 USB drive is freely available. Visit


* Under create Windows 10 installation media and select download tool now.
* Save the file somewhere you can easily access later. It is a small package that will download the needed files to create the USB drive.

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* Double click the file to open it, select Yes on the user account control that pops up.
* Accept the license terms and conditions.
* Select create installation media and select next.
* Select language of choice, the preferred edition Windows 10 and the architecture.
* Leave the USB drive checked, you can also create an ISO that can burn to a DVD and click next.
* Select the USB drive of choice and click next.
* Now wait while the tool downloads the data, it may take some time depending on internet speed.
* After the process is completed, click finish.
You can now boot it into it to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 and enjoy all the amazing benefits.

I hope you have learned USB INSTALLER FOR WINDOWS 10, due remember to comment and share with your friends.

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