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The united states of America is standing tall in the maintaining peace and economic prosperity globally. The fact that the United state plans for herself and several other country makes her seem incredible.

The United States of America and countries such Russia, China, Nigeria, France and so on have been working hard to ensure peace dominate the world. Each country with her own approach on maintaining global peace.

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China had been using economic approach in contributing to global peace by offering products to the world at affordable prices and by signing bilateral agreement with nations while Nigeria use her military might and generosity, not minding if something is gained or not and the U.S uses her military might, economic buoyancy and bilateral agreement in the process of maintaining peace globally.

United states of America

The United States of America sees everyone as her citizen irrespective of the location of country. The US shows he

r interest in everyone especially those oppressed by fellow humans or nature.

The U.S always include everyone in her plans, as the American government plan for its citizens, likewise there is standby plan for other nations of the world. United states of America had been using their funds to sponsor peace keeping missions and had been trying hard to ensure that no human or country use or make weapons that are deadly on another.

The burden of maintaining global peace on United states of America is so great, thanks to the role the United nations and other countries such as Russia and France are playing too.

The United States of America alongside United Nations and other peace loving countries have been working hard to ensure political stability in nations of the world and counter overthrow of government in nations of the world.

The United States of America has been investing in other countries to help in tackling poverty and unemployment in such countries and also utilize availability of cheap labour in such country to produce for the world and her citizens.

The American economy serves as world major market where most nations channel most of their products to. United states of America focus more on production of automobile, weapons, explosives, and so on as advantage to balance the importation of other goods with exportation of such goods. The united sates is at Age of Mass Consumption stage which is dominated with high-value consumer goods.

Many people had been debating on what United States of America stand to gain in extending the wealth of their country to the outside world. Records had shown that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had taken the lives of about 7,000 American soldiers and left over 52,000 others wounded, while adding some $2.1 trillion to US debt. Moreover, the US had suffered Great Depression and increased unemployment rate but refused to give up on global peace building.

Lastly, the United states’ partnership with WHO to combat polio, malaria, HIV,TB,Ebola had been helpful, as US has on several years been the number one donor of WHO’s budgets .The United States was able to support vaccination of over 30,000 people during the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic Congo in The Ebola. The united States of America with other countries are the ones sustaining the world if not humans would have gone into extinction.



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