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Top 5 Word Processing Software In 2020

Top 5 Word Processing Software

Do you know the top 5 word processing software you use? 

There is much software developed for Word Processing which is available on different platforms. Computer users use this software to carry out their professional jobs as the task is software-based work.
The software is always Microsoft Windows Computer software but some of the software supports other Platforms / OSs.

Here Are The Top 5 Word Processing Software (The following software are based on popularity);

Top 5 word processing software

Microsoft Word or MS-Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing app used in many places like home, offices, training, etc. for reviewing, editing and creating a document.

It is a product of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Word is available on PC, Phone, and Tablet.
It is a graphic word processing software that makes tasks convenient for users. Also, one of the best suitable software for office and other works because it has lots of features that guide users when creating a document. It is the most used among the top 5 Word Processing software in the world.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online-based software developed by Google corporation. It is a word processing software in which users can create, edit and store their documents online.
The Google Docs can be accessed with a web browser from the computer, Tablet or Phone.
The software is free for personal use except for business use.
The software is offered by Google within its Google Drive service.
The software has been the most used online-based Word Processing software. And the most used software for sending online forms, documents, etc.
Google Docs is the software many people prefer to use in saving/Backing-Up their words document.


WordPerfect was developed by Corel in 1979 and the first version of the software was sold in 1980.
The software has a wide availability on platforms and computers. It was known as Corel WordPerfect before.
WordPerfect is also one of the most popular Word Processing software, which allows users to enjoy its unique features.

WPS Office

WPS Office is an office suite developed by Kingsoft, a Chinese software developer.  It is available in Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and Linux Platforms.
WPS Office is of three components, the Writer, Presentation and the Spreadsheet. The basic WPS software is free for Creating and editing documents.
The Android platforms are widely used by many Android users in opening their supporting documents.
It’s also a PDF reader and it can be used to scan documents from a phone camera.
Also, it of two versions, the free & premium version.
In the premium version, users can save their files on the cloud, Ads are disabled on the app, PDF signature feature and more.


It is billed monthly or annually & trial available for monthly billing and 35% off for annual billing (as in March 2019).

WordPad is Microsoft Windows software, available in Windows 95 and higher versions of windows.
It is word processing software that is considered the simplest word processing software used in creating and editing documents.
The software is not as advanced as the other word processing software like Microsoft Word.
The software comes in the replacement of Word Writer software.
It also comes with the features of formatting and styling of texts that make it more unlike the notepad.
The WordPad Word Processing software is not in use as the above-mentioned ones but always available in Microsoft Windows computer. It’s just popular not widely used software.
There are many more word processing software in the market. But the above is just a brief discussion of the top 5  word processing software.
You can research your preferred word processing software, they all in the market and you can get them online.

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