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TOP 5 Graphic Design Software in 2020

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Do you think of purchasing graphic Design software for your professional tasks as a graphic designer?

You will have to know first the software to choose that will suit your job.
Many Graphic softwares available in the market today are not with the same features. So you have to know the one that has the features that best fit your jobs.

Some graphic design software comes with great unique features of drawing, sketching, effects, toning etc.

Some of these Graphic Design Software runs in PC, Mobile or Tablets.
The most used graphic design software that comes with amazing unique features are;

Top 5 Graphic Design Software in 2020

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a graphic design software developed by Adobe Systems. It is the widespread graphic design software on the market.
The software runs on Windows and Mac OS. It can be purchased for obtaining full version and also have a trial version
It is the world best graphic design and image editing software. It has unique features of graphic design, image editing, and digital art. Users are able to create and enhance their images, photo, 3D artwork and more with Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop provides powerful tools for editing and designing. It has a full-featured of layering that allows flexibility, depth when designing and editing.
It has 3D printing tool, 3D extrusion, Selection tool, Shape tool, measuring and navigation and more unique tools.


GIMP was developed by the GIMP Management Team. GNU Image Manipulation Program is a raster graphics editor.

GIMP was introduced in the 1990s. GIMP is an open-source graphics editing software. The software is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, and Solaris.
GIMP is art software with a wide range of functions. The program is freely distributed for creating and manipulating graphic images.
GIMP is a graphics editor used for editing image, image composition, retouching images, and more specializations.
GIMP toolbox contain brushes and filters, selection, transformation, layer and masking tools.
Top 5 Graphic Design Software in 2020


Inkscape is a digital painting tool, drawing, and vector graphics editor. It was developed by Sodipodi and began in the year 2003.

It runs on FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Also, it is available in 90 languages.
It is one of the top quality graphic software that has the unique features of 3D drawing and Vector graphics.
Basically, Inkscape’s vector graphic format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). But other formats can be imported and exported.
You can create and edit diagrams, logos, illustration, painting, map drawing and more.
It has 3D Boxes tool, Rectangle and Square tools, Calligraphy tool etc. for object creation.
Furthermore, the user can create objects, styling objects and editing its paths.


CorelDraw is a graphic design software developed by Corel Corporation.

The software runs on Microsoft Windows. Its file format is the “CDR”.
It also imports and exports other file formats like PNG, JPEG, PDF and more.
It is a vector graphic design software and the most popular graphics drawing software.
It allows the creating, shaping of the line art object to design artworks like logo design.
It has many different page sizes to design and print your works. It can be used for designing Business Card, Identity Card, Flyers, and Calendars etc.

Adobe Illustrator


The Adobe Systems developed the vector graphics editor called Adobe Illustrator.
Adobe Illustrator only runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
Adobe Illustrator is one of the most common graphic design software.
Users can create cartoons, logos, icon, drawing, chart, typography and complex illustrations.
It has tools for painting, shaping, creating objects, symbolizing, manipulating objects and many more.
Adobe Illustrator can be used to create printed images and digital images.
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As a graphic designer, the above-listed graphics packages are good enough to be used. Purchasing the full version of the software will enable you to exercise your task efficiently.

However, you can search for more graphic design package in the online markets.
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