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SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 VS IPHONE XS (cool facts you don’t know)


For a while now they have been an argument about Samsung Galaxy s10 vs Iphone xs, well i will like to discuss a little about it, the two phones are good and also came from the production of two tech giants (Samsung and Apple),on tech market no tech Company competes with them,they have been the best and have also given the best to the customers and fans which keeps them coming back for more.

Technology is amazing, even with the advantages and disadvantages ,the results of its out weighs the bad effects.
In these modern times, with the advancement in technology.

We have been offered many good facilities and opportunities on a platter of gold, and with more advancement ,we are presented with more sophisticated devices and products E.g The android phones, laptops, iPad ,I phones, wireless earphones etc.
Each of which comes with special features to meet our needs, trying to beat the competition and the market.

Samsung galaxy s10 vs Iphone xs

The Samsung Galaxy S10

It was launched early this year in February and was released for sale in March 2019.
Features include..
* A RAM capacity of 8GB.
* A AMOLED Dynamic Display.
* An internal storage of 128 Gigabytes.
* Powered by Octa core (2.73GHz, Dual core M4 Mongoose + 2.31GHz, cortex A75 +1.95GHz , Quad core cortex A55 processor).
* Runs on the Samsung Exynos 9 octa 9820.
Advantages includes:
– Superb battery life.
– Powers other gadgets wirelessly.
– Excellent camera.
– Immerse infinity display.
– Excellent ultrasonic fingerprint.
– Amazing speed performance.
– Head phone Jack. And lots others,Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked Phone with 128GB – Prism Black

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The iPhone XS was launched in September 21- 25 2019, but was available for pre order on 14, one of the latest device currently.
* Reliable face sensor.
* Strong WiFi connectivity.
* Operating system of IOS 12.
* Hardware processor. Hexa core.
* Rear camera 12mega pixels, rear auto focus.
-It Comes with RAM 4GB.
-As much as 512GB of internal storage.
– Dual sim standard( nano and esim).
-Impressive charging capacity.
– Water proof of IP68.
-Excellent battery.
-Beautiful quality in HDR OLED Displays.
Both phones have their special roles, it depends on you ,what you want, the amount you need and the purpose. Choose the one that works for you and enjoy the amazing benefits in technology.Apple iPhone XS, 64GB, Gold – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

In summary, the two smart phones (Samsung Galaxy s10 vs Iphone xs) are good and it all depends on the spec you go for, Samsung have been known for the durability and nice design likewise Apple products they are good mostly on camera and many more cool specs. Due always remember to drop a comment.

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