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Risevest Review : Is It A Scam

risevest review

Hello guys, today I am going to review a fast growing financial investment platform called risevest.

Risevest is a financial investment platform registered but in Nigeria and the United State of America that allows Nigerian to invest in American stocks and mutual fund for as low as ten dollars ($!0).

Just in case you are not familiar with stock and mutual fund investment, I will explain a little. Mutual funds and stocks are very versatile ways of investing your money as they promise a magnificent interest on capital at the end of the trading session. The interest however depends on the market performance of the stocks. This investment process is being handled by an investment company like risevest.

Investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds also allow you earn interest in the compound interest form, that is your interest from a previous trading season can be rolled over to the next trading season as a principal investment.

So risevest are given us the benefit of investing in these platform and it is a very great opportunity because you money is converted to dollars and you are not scared with the devaluation of the naira currency.

Also with risevest, you can start investing with as low as ten dollars ($10) which is currently equivalent to less than fie thousand naira.


  • The risevest platform is registered with the federal government of Nigeria and also under the central bank of Nigeria, therefore, it is highly impossible for them to shut down with your money. hence, your money is secure.
  • Investing in stock and mutual funds have no downside as you can not loose your money in the process. This is because the investment platform which in this case is risevest, recruit a lot of experts to help play their cards well. Even in times of losses, they get compensated by insurance companies.
  • It is a great source of passive income and when your principal investment is huge enough, it could actually fetch a nice income.
  • It helps reduce reckless spending.
  • You can invest with as low as $10


We all know that every single thing that has advantages will equally have disadvantages, so let us dive into the disadvantages of investing with risevest

  • In case of emergency, you cannot withdraw your risevest investments as they are only freed at the appointed time chosen.
  • The minimum investment period is three months.
  • Investing in stocks and mutual funds require a huge amount of investment or a whole lot of time to earn a significant income.
  • The earning is not fixed as it varies from month to month and you cannot therefore make a budget ahead of time.

So now we have listed the advantages and disadvantages, it is very clear that if you have extra money to spare, investing with risevest is very safe wit no downside.

Is Risevest A Scam

NO, risevest is not a scam and is as legit as any commercial bank around. It is a registered business and their activities are being monitored by the central bank of Nigeria which does not give room for scamming activities.

Requirements to Invest with Risevest

To invest with the risevest platform, you need the following things

A MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION : You will be require to send a picture or scanned copy of a valid means of identification such as your voters card, drivers license or even student ID card.

YOUR BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER (BVN) : Do not be scared of giving it to them, they can be trusted as they use it to secure your funds.

A MASTER CARD TO CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT : You will need this to easily fund your investment plans.

A bank account : To receive your money back.

and finally, a minimum of $10 to invest.

How to get started to risevest

After making available the requirements listed above, you will need to download the risevest mobile app from the google play store or the apple app store.

Once you download the app, the registration process is very straight forward and you should have no issues with it.

Also ensure you use a valid and functional email address so that you easily receive tips from them.

The Investing Process [RISEVEST]

As at today, risevest offers you the opportunity to invest in three main American assets which include :

  • Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Bonds

The risk factor written below them simply represent how likely or unlikely it is for your principal to generate the interest it is projected to produce (however, i have seen times when the interest produced were two times bigger than the projected interest.

Personally, I prefer investing with real estate properties as they have a highly interest rate and quite huge market demand.

Once you make up your choice, you will then have to choose the duration of your investment, the minimum duration is three months while the maximum is twelve months. Be very careful while making your choice as immediately the money is invested, you cannot get it back till the date set.

Withdrawing Your Money

After a fixed investment, if you did not opt in for the auto invest feature, your money will be paid into your risevest wallet, and you can transfer it from the wallet to your local bank account or your credit card.

It usually takes a maximum of five days for the money to get to your bank account after you have requested a withdrawal.

Please Note

Risevest is not a ponzi scheme like MMM or an income program like LPV forum, so do not expect to miraculously get rich unless you do the math.


So if you got any money in the bank and you want to earn extra interest on it, risevest is the place for you. It is now in the habit of local banks to find any way possible to cheat their customers with a lot of hidden charges, so you can stop it while using risevest.

Also considering the way the naira currency is falling in the market, storing your money in dollars seems to be the best resort.

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