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Top ways to protect your deviceTop ways to protect your device

Today we live with various types of technology devices which we claim our privacy is secured when there are many spies around the world.

Some Inventors have made the purpose of the invented device something else. Not only the inventors did that only but experienced technology wizards pirate such device to look into someone’s privacy or secret data.

The use of ICT gadgets have been the strongest and fast-growing means the Inventors/Hackers use in spying.

A lot of the devices which are being used by the inventors/hacker have been discovered and how they are always successful in carrying out their operations

Examples of Gadget that are being used;

  • Smartphones
  • PC
  • Security Cameras
  • Storage Devices
  • TV
  • Baby Monitor
  • Cloth Hook
  • Other Mobile/Electronic Devices
But today some devices are not supposed to have a microphone and camera. But they are being fixed in the device because the Inventor/Hacker found the device as a means he can get the data or the users’ privacies. Such devices are being used to capture images, record videos, and voices.Spying with ICT gadgets is one of the Strong and Fast-growing ways the Hackers used in spying. Not only the ICT Gadgets are being hacked but other devices like Kitchen and Bathroom accessories.

According to a Survey Conducted by an Organization in the UK, they discovered that about eight of the devices we use on a regular basis can be hacked.

Those devices are connected to the internet which helps the spy in receiving your data or privacies. And the Hackers keep developing new methods to spy on someone’s data and privacy.


We might think we are safe even when we are using Smartphones when Smartphone is one of the strongest devices the cybercriminals always use in succeeding in their operations.
Smartphone spy operations are mostly carried out using its Installed Apps.Some people just get an app installed on their phone without restricting some permission which the app should not ask for. E.g. Using a Photo Editor Software which does not has a feature of sending images to your contact or any other task which the app can make use of your contact but asking for permission to access your contacts when installing it.

Another trick some cyber-criminals use is by developing a so-called hacking, tracking app etc. which they use in getting peoples data faster and easier. But the User of the app never knew his data are not safe as well when he thinks he is attacking someone’s data/privacy.

The app asks for permission that if granted it let the developer of the app to access the permitted data and then the cyber-criminal do what he wants to do.

Though, the permission can be restricted if you are not certain of the request permission the app is asking for. You can open your settings in your Phone and get to where you can Allow and restrict permissions for apps. In Android device, the term “Permission/Application Manager” is always used while in iPhone the term “Privacy” is used.

Restricting an app from permission you are in doubt of how the usage does not give an 80% security. Because there are apps that come with some features which need the use of your contacts to run its task but the task it runs is beyond what is revealed by the developer.

Furthermore, so far we continue to use modern devices, we and our data are not secured, even if you do not use a device that can be used to spy on you, your friend might be the one using it and maybe it will record your conversation and videos as well when your friend does not know the task beyond the main function of the device he is using. You just need to be careful!


The use of PC in spying is almost the same with a smartphone. PC allows the cybercriminal to get more and important data.

PC is the advanced ICT Devices which many jobs are being done with. It’s the major target of the Hackers as it carries a lot of stored data that are important.

Using Desktop Computer which has no microphone and camera does not guaranty your real life privacy are secured. You might store some images and audios in the computer and once the device is connected to the internet may be an installed software on your computer will send your data to the hacker.


The use of Security Camera to spy is one the best spying method which are being practiced today and still growing. Not just a Camera that are installed in a Shops, Offices etc,  are used to spy on someone only but some other camera like the Phone’s Camera and regular Digital Cameras as well.

The technology of camera today has gotten to a level, which its size, projection, image quality, and others are always incredible.

Cameras are being fixed on a Pen, Eyeglasses, Kitchen Kettle, Cloth Hook and more to say.
If you found out there is a suspicious hole in a device like a pen, lamp, kitchen kettle you should try check it out as it might be something else.


The issue of spying using storage device is very dangerous as you might be thinking you want to back up your data when you don’t know your data are not secured but someone is collecting your data.

The storage device spying method does not spy on someone’s real life privacy but it is to attack the victim’s data only. The storage device that is majorly used by hackers in the world today is the USB Flash Drives.

The issue of Dead Drop Project is very common in the Western part of the world and it keeps growing as the scammers keep developing a different method which they use to carry out their operations successfully without being caught.

Not only have the individuals been attacked but big organizations, as well as the government organizations, are mostly the targets of the hacker. Stuxnet was affected by an attack from a hacker as he used a flash drive and it happened as government organizations are always the target of the hackers.

Why people fall victim is that they picked up a flash drive, T Card, or any other storage device they saw in the street, mailbox and other places.
If you see a flash drive that looks new in your office, it is more advisable not to insert it on your PC as you are not certain of how it comes to be found.

You should just be careful when inserting such a device on your computer.


The method of using TVs to spy on someone is not as strong and common as other devices like smartphone, PC and Storage Device.

The use of a microphone or camera will be the device the hacker will use to spy on someone. They might record the voice, videos of the people around the TV.

TVs might be connected to the internet which let the hacker receive the information he had hacked. However, the use of TV is safer than other devices.


We continue to live in a world where technology is getting developed. And the negative and positive use of it is also going incredible. So we can’t stop using the devices because our privacies are not safe, but we just need to be careful. Or do we need to tell the government to fight the hackers?When some governments are making secret surveillance. which the civilians do not know.
The reason why you should be careful about how you expose your privacy is that there are attackers with a different mindset, and you might be a victim.

The Hackers keep hacking into top secret data/privacy which they might misuse and destroy the victim’s job after collecting the data.

Some social media platform like Facebook and Instagram listen to their customer’s real-life conversation, though they claim to use the conversation to know what the user says concerning their products. Some country’s governments are making secret surveillance to track criminals like the terrorist, spies etc.
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