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3 Ways Nigerians Make Money On Youtube

make money on youtube nigeria

Currently, it is not hard to find one guy online who make a full time income uploading videos on YouTube. And I guess you have being wondering how on Earth do they make money. Today I am going to tell you how exactly you can start your YouTube channel and make a ton of income from it.
YouTube is a video sharing platform that enables you to share as well as watch videos, I guess you have used recently, yeah I use it everyday, it is very entertaining as well as educative. Now back to the point, how do those guys make money by just uploading videos on YouTube, I will tell you.

YouTube Partnership Program

The YouTube partnership program is a program that allows video creators to serve YouTube provided adverts on their video. Oh yes, if you have every visited youtube, you would have seen such adverts that pops up at the beginning of most videos and compels you to watch them for a set period of time usually around fifteen minutes. Oh yes I know, that can be a little provoking at times, but this is how these video producers raise revenue to keep on providing video for you and I.
YouTube pays them per view and just for us to be able to calculate it easily it priced by 500 views, some video creators could earn as high as $6 per 500 views. Oh yes, I remember when Dan lok disclosed his YouTube earning, he said youtube paid him about $8000 for just one video that had just over a million views. That quite a milestone, but if you create high quality videos which are extremely useful to your target audience, then you shouldn’t think about difficulty.

Meanwhile, for you to be accepted into the youtube partnership program, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 5000 watched hours.


Many YouTubers, especially those dealing with entertainment (ranging from comedy to celebrity gist) earn a lot of income from sponsorship. Have you heard of Mr Macaroni? He is a YouTube and in almost all of his video you would find him promoting various brands, he does not do it for free, he is actually being paid to do so.
So if you could get a lot of traction and following, you could be attraction a lot of sponsorship.

Sales of digital products.

If you offer educative videos on your channel, you may want to consider creating a digit product for your audience, a digital product could range from an ebook to an online course and even a membership site. Personally, I have bought a couple of products from some YouTubers and I would show you exactly how to generate such sales.

Firstly, you got to use the principles I call give first and collect second. Start creating highly quality and informative videos, no one is ever going to purchase your product is you videos are crap. Infact, most times I regret watching some video, if your audience ever regret watching your video they will never send you their money.
Secondly, give them something free in exchange for their email address, it could be an ebook or even a blueprint, for instance Dan lok gives his ebook FU MONEY for free to his audience in exchange for their email address. You could simply create a WordPress website to do the job.
Lastly, market to them via their email address and voila you made some sales.
You could even place your ebook for sale on Amazon to save you the stress of building an maintaining a website, and for the online courses I talk about earlier, try hosting them on udemy.

Now I have given you the three most easiest and common ways to earn from YouTube, let’s get over to how you can setup your YouTube channel.

First of all, if you do not know how to design a logo, you may want to hire someone to do so for you, you can find such people on fiverr.

To create a YouTube channel you need just ONE thing, a Google account.

After creating a Google account, visit the YouTube website or you could use the mobile app, and just above the setting tab, you would see a clear option saying My channel.
Click and follow the procedures.

If you have found this extremely useful, thanks. If you got any questions like I would say do not hesitate to use the comment section. Good luck

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