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Innoson G40 Review

Innoson G40 Review

Have you ever asked your self what an SUV is like? not to talk of owning one that is manufactured in Africa, during the years i have been reviewing Innoson G40 and i have some cool facts about this glorious SUV, some facts and more features that i wanna share with you guys is that this vehicle is good and affordable to own?

The IVM G40 is for adventure seekers, Tourists, the high rollers, its for everyone proud of African roads. before i tell you about the features, interior design, the extraordinary uniqueness of this vehicle, it was first manufactured in 2016 and rolled out in early December 2017, since then it has been like Dominos Pizza.

Innoson G40 comes with a 2.4L gasoline engine which can run for more than you expected with powerful features such as low fuel consumption, low emission, it also carries an electronic immobilizer system which improves vehicle security.

This adventurous seeker vehicle is a standard wheelbase, equipped with the newest ABS+EBD technology, this system provides you ultimate control of the braking force of each wheel for dangerous conditions such as emergency braking, slippery ice, and sharp turns, with a well-equipped engine torque protection system which makes driving safer and more relaxed.

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Layout: IVM G40 is sophisticated with two airbags, with power controlled seat belts, and sedan style interior. it is designed to deliver the highest degree of space and comfort, it has ergonomic chairs that fit perfectly to the human body and a high-performance air conditioner.

Innoson G40 Price?

IVM G40 doesn’t cost much, and i don’t think that the cost will be high in the future. the price of a brand new Innoson G40 SUV costs $45,592 (N17.325million), haha hope that’s not much. please don’t let the price stop you from buying this SUV.

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How Good Is Innoson G40?

Considering the features, Designs and interior beauty one can say that IVM G40 is good to its peak, its dual airbag.

  • Variant- 4*4
  • Length 4350mm
  • width 1843mm
  • Height 1837mm
  • Number of seats 5
  • Engine capacity 4*4-2.4L
  • Front suspension – independent coil spring
  • Rear suspension – independent coil spring
  • Ground clearance – 210
  • Curb weight – 1830kg
  • Calibration power – 105/4800kw
  • Torque – 217/4000 N.M/RPM
  • Capacity 2.378 L
  • Drivetrain – front engine 4WD
  • Max speed 150km/h
  • Fuel type – Petrol

For more guides on Innoson G40 Review, you can check out this YouTube I found online. All thanks to the owner of the video. Check below


The IVM G40 vehicle is a good SUV, which is proud of African roads, i considering driving one to my wedding reception; please due remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on this and vehicle reviews. Thanks

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