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Unblock Website- on Facebook (3 easy steps you don’t know)

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Whenever I ask website owners what their biggest traffic source is, I often hear Search engines or Social media, unblock website on Facebook: today i will be teach you guys 3 easy steps to do that.

Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform in the world today. And most businesses depend on it for sales, driving traffic and engaging with their customers. For these businesses that depend on Facebook, having their website blocked can be hell. Especially when the majority of traffic comes from the platform.

In this post, I will reveal the reasons why your URL was blocked on Facebook, how to unblock your URL, and how to prevent it from being blocked in the future.

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Unlock website (why did facebook Block my Website

There can be several reasons why Facebook might block a domain name and remove them from all places it has ever appeared on the platform. They include:

1. Link Spam.

Spamming involves sharing your website URL on every post, comment, or private messages, no matter how irrelevant they might be to the topic being discussed to get people to click on them. Back in the days, you could get away with spamming your blog link here and there, but today, Facebook has become better and better at detecting these spam links using an automated bot. A sure way of getting your website blocked on Facebook is by sharing the same link over and over again (by the same user) within a very short time.

2. Prohibited content

If you share a link with content that goes against Facebook guidelines, that URL can be blocked if it is detected. Especially when they are reported by other users. Contents regarded as prohibited and go against Facebook community standards include pornographic content, those that promote violence and criminal behavior, or anything that can cause harm or injury to others, etc.

3. or Simply by Mistake

Yes, your URL can be blocked without you even violating any of Facebook’s policies. I have met a few people who just got a brand new domain name, and in a few weeks, it was blocked by Facebook. They later got the domain name unblocked though using the method I will be sharing on this post, with Facebook admitting that it was blocked by mistake.

This is usually caused by an error on Facebook’s end. URL on Facebook are rarely analyzed by real people. The Facebook bot handles this, sometimes, the bot might block your website by error due to some bug or something.

How to Know if Your URL has Been Blocked by Facebook

If your URL has been blocked by Facebook, the next time you share your Link on the platform, you will get a message that looks like this:

Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

This will be followed by the removal of all links related to your blocked URL. From every group, page, or post.

Unblock Website On Facebook

Here are a few ways to successfully unblock your website.

  1.  Contacting using Facebook live
  2. Using Facebook URL debugger
  3.  URL shortener
  • Using the Facebook URL debugger tool

I read about the debugger tool while trying to unblock a clients website, it helps identify errors found on your URL on Facebook. You will find the debugger tool here.

To use this tool, enter your URL in the box and click on “Debug”. If you get a response that reads

” We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake. Please let us know. “

Then it means your website may be blocked.

If you did not get the above error, check the “warning that should be fixed” tab for a “URL Blocked” error,

If you did not get any of the two errors above, then it means your URL might not be blocked after all.

Notice that the last part of the first error that reads “let us know” is a hyperlink. You will need to get in touch with Facebook if you require them to unblock your website. So you will need to click the “let us know” button to submit a report to Facebook.

Facebook does not have a user support email where you can make complaints like other businesses do, instead, they require you to submit a report or bugs by filling a form.

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  • Contacting Facebook live support

Now, this method is really powerful because it gives a fast reply and solution. I have had lots of other websites unblocked their URL this way.

The live support is in the Facebook ads department and will let you chat with a live Facebook representative. You won’t find this option as a regular Facebook user. so you will need to have an Ad Manager account. If you don’t already have it, go ahead and create one now. it’s free.

To open an ad manager account,

  • go to and click the big blue button that says “Create Account” in the top right.
  • Enter your business details and click submit. You will have to confirm the business email you provided.
  • Now add your Facebook page.

If your Facebook ad manager account is set up. Go to Facebook business help, on this page, scroll down and click the “Get started” button.

On the next page, choose the “Policy and account security” option. Scroll down and you will find a button that says “chat with a representative”. Click on it and a form will appear.

In the “what is your question about option” click on others, and enter a few information about the challenges you are having with your URL. For added advantage, you could throw in a line saying you wanted to run ads but were unable to do so due to the blocked URL. Click on “start chat”

And a new window messenger with a Facebook agent will open.

I have seen this method work for a lot of people. It is so effective and one of the quickest ways you can unlock your website on Facebook.

  • Using a URL shortener

This isn’t technically unblocking your website, but it does let you bypass restrictions place on your website, this allows you to share them on Facebook. It does work some time on some blocked website. There are lots of URL shorteners out there you can use. What’s more, not only will a URL shortener help you bypass these restrictions, but they also come with loads of other benefits too.

How to Prevent Your URL From Getting Blocked by Facebook

Now that you know how to unblock your website on Facebook, you need to prevent your website from being blocked in the future. here are some things to avoid to prevent your website from being block.

  • Avoid spamming: only share your content on posts, comments, and groups if it is relevant or helpful to the users in such space. If the others think your link is not helpful to them or is irrelevant to the topic being discussed, they might see this as spam and report it.
  • Comply with Facebook community standard: If the blog post you are about to share contain hate speech or encourages violence against a particular group or religion then it is better you don’t share such post on Facebook. basically, anything illegal should not be shared on the platform.
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