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How To Make Money on Opera News Hub

How To Make Money on Opera News Hub

Making money on the internet has never being this easy. today, there are virtually thousands of people making thousands of naira from their home with just their laptop and an internet connection.

Today, I am going to be telling you about the most recent method of making money online in Africa and it is through the platform called Opera News hub.

Simply put, Opera news hub is a platform that pays and also reward you for publishing unique and original articles, do not get distracted, as i will work you through the various steps, one by one.

What is Opera news hub all about

Opera news hub is a platform created by the tech giant in Africa known as Opera, yes the same opera that owns Opera news and opera mini.

Recently, the company considered launching a lot of tech companies in Nigeria and Opera news hub seems to be one of them, because they constantly need new articles to place on their Opera news platform. They also started some other companies such as Opay which is a fintech startup, Oride, which is just like bolt, uber or taxify, Omart which is an online marketplace for selling physical products and a lot more.

So basically what Opera news hub is about is that you are being paid to publish articles, news are preferred and you get paid based on the performance of your article on opera news.

So let us go further on how to create your opera news account and start earning.

Creating your opera news account

All you need to begin posting articles on opera news hub is an android device and mobile data. the application does not consume much data as opera news gives all mtn and airtel users 50mb free every single day. so you can make use of that.

To create your account, simply head straight to

On the home page, you will see a button which tell you to login or signup, click it, immediately after you click it, you will notice a popup giving you an opportunity to login or sign up with either your facebook account or google account also called gmail.

Choose and use whatever one you feel like using, there is no difference.

After granting opera news permission to associate your account with either your facebook account or your google account, you will be promoted to fill a form. something like this

opera news form

To fill the form correctly simply follow these instructions

Your wemedia name is the name you want your author account on opera news hub to be associated with. So if you have any brand name in mind, you can use it.

For filling in your category, I will advise you to pick a topic that you are extremely familiar with. Although you are not restricted to only publish articles related to the category you fill it, the opera news hub algorithm will most likely favour articles that are in line with your choosen category.

This picture is going to appear above every content you publish and beside your wemedia name. I usually advise designing a logo to make your profile look more professional.

Finally, you will be required to fill in a description of what your articles will be all about in general. Make this shorty and precise.

Payment or Account info form

This is the form that will appear next after you click next from the previous screen.

opera news payment form

Here, you will be asked for your real name as well as you opay account number to receive payment.

If you do not have an opay account, you can quickly head over to google play store and download the opay app. you can then easily sign up as all that will be required is your phone number.

After signing up, your phone number becomes your opay account number. you can then fill it on the account number section in the form above.

congrats, you just created an opera news hub account. You may be required to wait for about 24 hours for your account to be reviewed but do not worry, if you followed this tutorial from the beginning, you will surely have your account approved.

Writing and publishing on Opera news hub

Once your opera news hub account has being approved, it is time to start writing unique articles and publishing them.

To do so, simply locate the part of your opera news hub dashboard that says create.

if you click on it, you are expected to see something like this

publish article on opera news hub

For the title aspect, you are expected to fill in the title of your article.

The title you choose to use is very important as it can either make your article popular or make it dead. However, make sure avoid using words such as OMG, Shocking and other words that the opera news platform refer to as clickbaits.

Opera News Hub payment policy

On the opera news platform, you are being paid based on the performance of the articles you publish on opera news and the way the administrators of the platform judges performance is based on three factors which are :

  • CLICK : This are the number of times your article was clicked. typically, opera news hub pays 360 naira for every ten thousand clicks your article gets. Do not be discouaged, it is very easy to get click on the platform, I have some of my articles that till date has gotten over 200k clicks. Remember, opera news has over 200 million users.
  • Engagement : engagements on opera news hub include likes, shares and comment. This tell opera news that your article was very useful and the people liked it. Opera news rewards people who create contents with a huge number of engagements
  • READ TIME : If people do not spend up to 10 seconds on your article, your earning will be significantly affected because it tell the opera news hub algorithm that your article was substandard and the people did not like it.

List of words you should avoid using in your headline

The following words are considered as click bait and you should avoid using them in your headline, the words are :

  • Shocking
  • OMG
  • Surprise
  • Amazing
  • Twitter goes wild
  • and a lot more

Before your article is published on Opera news, it is being reviewed by an expert to check if it violates any of their terms of service.

You should also avoid reporting fake and inaccurate news on the platform, further more, articles that portray tribalism or any 4th generation offense will not be accepted on the program.

Opera news pays publishers on the 15th to 25th of every single month and the money is being paid into your opay account and from there you can transfer it to your local bank account.


Making money with opera news hub is very cool as there are some of my friends making up to a hundred thousand naira on a monthly basis from their creative efforts on the opera news hub platform. Personally, I dedicate an hour to the platform every single day and I earn close to #85,000 every month.

When i said your article must be unique, I meant that it should not be a copy and paste work if not they will not accept it and your account could get penalized or even banned.

Hope you find this guide useful, if you got any question, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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