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How To Make a Tik tok Video

How to make a Tiktok video

How To create Tik tok Video

How to make a Tiktok video in few steps,
Tiktok is one of the many video sharing applications ,widely used among the younger age group, as a large percentage of older age group would say the app make no sense. We can therefore say that the app is targeted to youngsters.

How To Make Tiktok video

How To Make Tik Tok Account

Tiktok is a mobile app owned by ByteDance , a Chinese Tech company that also runs several other popular social networking applications.
It was launched in the year 2016, said to have been originally originated from the social app , Musical-ly ( 2014). Musical-ly had existed to be very popular, it allowed users to make videos accompanied with background music and other audio.
With more than one billion users using the app to create videos of them dancing and lips syncing ,but it wasn’t so successful because of its policies and in November 2017 ,the Musical-ly app was officially shut down as Bytedance bought the application and all the users moved to Tiktok.
Some other basic facts about the Tiktok application.

Tiktok was founded and developed by Zhang Yiming , a Chinese billionaire among the Top 15 richest individuals in China.

It is the leading short video platform in many parts of the world, mostly Asia and the United State.

It has more than 150 million active users daily and is not available in China.

Tiktok has over 500 million downloads and can sum up to 1 billion , if the Tiktok lite is considered.

The app merge with the California based app “Musical-ly”, in 2018 for as much as 1 billion dollars.

The original age limit for Tiktok was 12 years, but was later raised to 13 years.

Tiktok is available in about 75 languages and 150 markets ,the 7th most downloaded app for a decade now.

Tiktok known as “Douyin” in Chinese ,according to reports has being downloaded more times recently ,than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.
Now, what is TIKTOK??
Tiktok is an app that enables to be creative by encouraging users creative expressions through their videos.
It is a video sharing networking service , allowing users to make short music and lip sync for a short duration of time ranging from 5 -15 seconds and other Short looping video of 5 – 30 seconds.
Others features it provides are:

Background music.

Use if filters.

Large variety of music genres.

Control of speed ( it can be slowed and speed up).
Tiktok aims to capture and present the world’s creativity and treasured life moments, directly from our mobile devices.

How to use Tik tok

With Tiktok taking the application stores by storm, it is important to know to use this app.

You will need to download the app and install it.

Sign up (you can also use Facebook or Instagram account) and create your profile.

View the video feeds, share, comment and like videos you enjoy.

You can also set up your own shots and add special effects.

Record your video, add the finishing touches and caption and upload.

For more fun, you can duet and also participate in the challenges.

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How to Make a Tik Tok Video

STEP 1: Click the +(positive) button ,if its your first time to allow the app gain access to the camera and recorder.

STEP 2: Set up the effects like timer, beauty, speed, filter and long press the red button to start recording.

STEP 3: Choose of piece of music genre to spice up your video and press the red check to go to the editing page option.

STEP 4: At the upper right, you can adjust the volume, cut sound and add another music.

STEP 5: Select one frame of the video as a cover and add any other special effect ,through the two buttons on the lower left corner. You can then preview and share on Tiktok.

It is important that you post consistently, be positive, try to reply comments and comment, connect with other influencers, be versatile , travel and have fun.

How to make duel video on Tiktok
How to Make a Duel Video on Tiktok

Tiktok is a mobile app that enables its users yo male small video clips, to display creativity in comedy,music, dance and others. It serves as a great platform for entertainment.
Developed by a 36 year old Chinese billionaire and software engineer , Zhang Yiming, who is also the 13th richest man in China. Tiktok is among the rapidly growing app and is called “Douyin” in China, which literally means ‘vibrating sound’,was launched first in the year 2016 in the Chinese market and 2017 for markets outside China.
Just like many other social media platform, tiktok have had its own share of criticism and accusations, on grounds of cyber bullying, racism and even seen as a potential to be used by sexual predators and since the app is targeted to the younger age group, it could pose a threat.
Another was the fact that many people have gotten addicted and will find it difficult to stop using the app , which could lead to a reduction future which encourage users to take a break every 90 minutes. Others include s the privacy concerns, as tiktok collect users information, location and other data, accusations of tiktok being spyware, propagating pornography, which led to a ban on tiktok in July 2018 in Indonesia, which was later lifted about eight days , after some measures were put in place.
As using any social platform can be risky. It is advisable that you use a private account or that the account be placed on adult supervision for the younger ages.

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  1. Serves as a training wheel for future content creators and influencers. It gives an idea on what to create which would have been hard to make alone.
  2. Provide a wide range of variety which could be very satisfying and exciting, when used at right time for the right purpose.
  3. It could pave way for other platform and capture the demographic. Tiktok has been able to successfully gain the younger audience and could eventually level up to appeal the older audience, providing a platform to express one’s self.
  4. While tiktok is primarily designed for fun , some of its users are making success on the app, amassing large number of followers, make money from promotions and partnerships.
  5. It also provides a framework of ideas, making it easier ,for even the youngsters to create too.
    This will depend on the users as there is no common disadvantage to its use.
    *Users ought to watch against addiction.
  • mindful of what you post.
  • Limit the amount of time they spend on the app.
  • Ensure that the usage time falls into your relaxation time.

Now, a duet tiktok video is also a good tool for spreading awareness and engaging the younger audience. It is a video comprising of two parts arranged in a regular pattern.

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How to Edit Tik Tok video

How to Make a Duel TIKTOK Video.

  • Click on the tiktok application on your android device app menu
  • Find the video you want to create a duet for on your video feed or the user’s profile.
  • Click the white icon on the bottom right of the screen and tap the “following” button on your profile page.
  • Select the friend you want to duet with, find the video of your choice and click on it.
  • On the phone screen, click the “share” button on the right side of your screen with the sharing option, select “Duet” on the menu.
  • Create the duet video by tapping the video camera button to record your duet and add other special effects .
  • Tap on the “next” button at the lower tight of the screen, you can also add captions here, click the red “post” button and its done.
    NOTE: The duet option in your privacy settings should be enabled. You can save the duet video and also upload duet videos from your gallery.
  • Click the plus icon.
  • Select the upload button.
  • Choose the video
  • Edit and post.
    You can also create slideshows on tiktok, download videos from other users, switch to a private account, create the perfect lip sync video and many more.
    Try and stay relevant, use trendy hash tags, show a lighter side of humor, travel and join challenge, be creative, explore ideas and have loads of fun.
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