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HOW TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM (easy stapes to archive that))

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How to download videos on instagram Instagram is a free, online video and photo-sharing application and social network platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram permits users to edit, preview and upload photos and short videos through a mobile app. … you also have the option of editing your profile private so that only your followers can see your posts.

Instagram has been one of the best social network which allows users to interact with some local,international and Global icons like celebrities all around the Globe. people always find it difficult to download video on instagram but today i will show you some easy stapes on how to download videos on instagram.

How to download videos on instagram

11 Easy stapes On How To Download Videos on Instagram Using Video Downloader for instagram app

Step 1

Install the Video Downloader for Instagram app. This app allows users to download, save unprotected Instagram videos from posts. To install it, do the following:

Open the Image titled Androidgoogleplay.png Play Store app.

Click on the search bar.

Type in video downloader for instagram.

Click on Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App within the resulting menu.

Click INSTALL, then tap ACCEPT if prompted.

Step 2

Open Instagram. Click on Instagram app icon, which resembles a multicolored camera. This will open your Instagram news feed if you’re logged in.

If you aren’t logged in, enter your email address (or username/phone number) and password when prompted.

Step 3

Go to the video you want to download. Scroll right down to (or search for) the video that you simply want to download onto your Android.

The video must be public (e.g., not from a private account) and it must be a post, not a story.

Step 4

This icon is in the upper-right corner of the video’s post. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 5

Click Copy Link. It’s in the drop-down menu. The link will be copied to your Android’s clipboard.

If the drop-down menu doesn’t have a “Copy Link” option, you may be able to select Share Link and then tap Copy to Clipboard. If the menu has neither of those options, you can’t download the video.

Step 6

Open Video Downloader for Instagram. Click on the Video Downloader for Instagram app icon, which resembles a white downward-facing arrow on a multicolored background.

Step 7

Click ALLOW when prompted. This will enable Video Downloader app for instagram to save videos on your Android.

Step 8

Paste in the link if necessary. In some occurance, the Video Downloader will detect the copied link and immediately bring up a preview of the video at the top of the screen; if not, tap PASTE near the highest of the screen.

Step 9

Click the “Share” Image titled Android7share.png icon. This pink-and-white, triangular, three-dot icon is on the proper side of the screen.

Step 10

Click on Download Image. It’s in the “Share” menu.clicking on the Download image will allow the video to automatically download onto your Android.

An ad may open at this point. If so, tap the X in one among the corners of the screen before proceeding.

Step 11

Find the video on your Android. Once you’ve downloaded the video onto your Android, you can find it in a couple of different ways:

Photos app โ€” Tap the Photos app icon, click on the Albums tab, and click on the Downloads album. You’ll find your video there. If you’re employing a separate Photos app (e.g., the Samsung Gallery app), you’ll find the video within the Videos app.

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File manager โ€” Open your preferred file manager (e.g., ES File Explorer), select your Android’s default storage (e.g., SD card), click on the Download folder, and find the icon for your downloaded video.

Hope you’ve learnt how to download videos on instagram and see that its as a easy as making a cup of tea, am always available to attend to your question on the comment box. Due remember to share with your friends

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