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How To Download Facebook Videos (3 easy steps that work)

How To Download Facebook Video

How to download facebook video has been a major issue for some of us who uses facebook day-to-day.

Maybe you saw an important videos on watch you love and it teaches good morals but now to download it you can’t . Don’t worry anymore after this Post you will be downloading videos as you like.

Facebook is a municipal networking service and website operated and owned by Facebook Inc. It is a prominent free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with pals, family and colleagues.

The site, which is attainable in 37 different languages, includes municipal features such as:

Marketplace – allows members to post, read and respond to classified ads.

Groups – allows members who have common interests to find each other and interact.

Events – allows members to publicize an event, invite guests and track who plans to attend.

Pages – allows members to create and promote a public page built around a specific topic.

Presence technology – allows members to see which contacts are online and chat.

Within each member’s personal profile, there are several key networking components. The most popular is arguably the Wall, which is essentially a virtual bulletin board.

Messages left on a member’s Wall can be text, video or photos.

Another widespread part is that the virtual exposure Album. Photos will be uploaded from the desktop or directly from a smartphone camera.

there’s no limitation on amount, however Facebook workers can take away in appropriate or proprietary pictures on amount, however Facebook workers can take away in appropriate or proprietary pictures

An interactive album feature allows the member’s contacts (who are called generically called “friends”) to comment on each other’s photos and identify (tag) people in the photos. Another popular profile component is status updates, a microblogging feature that allows members to broadcast short Twitter-like announcements to their friends. All interactions are published in a news feed, which is distributed in real-time to the member’s friends.

How To Download Facebook Video

Facebook is the best place to create, share and come together through video. … Using colors, themes and imagery that evoke your brand at the start of your video can help people connect the video and your brand quickly.

So right now let’s go down to what this Post was meant for. You know I promised to serve you better in this blog.

Any issues you encounter online am here to help you big time as soon as possible

Steps on how to download facebook video

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This are the ways I use to save vidoe on facebook Within few minutes.

Step 1

You are to log in to your facebook account .On your Facebook feed or timeline ‘Right Click’ on any video then ‘Copy Video URL at current time’.

Step 2

Go to Then paste the URL you copied from facebook and Click ‘Download’,

Step 3

Click on “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video” (if available) to start downloading the video.

If the video starts playing instead of downloading, then on Step 3 Right Click the link and “Save as…” to download the video.

If you get an error, then check if the video is public and not private.

Just make sure you follow the instructions I gave above, you can see it’s not that hard Its what you can do with in 2 minutes.

I also use to download both facebook and YouTube videos to my phone.

O k google
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How to download facebook video isn’t that hard

Yeah, it’s extremely that simple! That’s how you can transfer Facebook videos without any special guide or knowledge

Once you transfer the file, you’ll apply the video on different platforms — like your web site, YouTube or the other video channel you’d like.

What regarding you? have you ever tried this?

Do you have different alternative for downloading your videos Facebook? Let me know it in the comments below.

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