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Get WhatsApp On Laptop – Complete Steps

Get WhatsApp on laptopGet WhatsApp on laptop

Did you know you can connect your WhatsApp account to send &receive messages from your laptop or desktop computer?

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger apps today with over a billion users. It’s a great communication tool in the world today.

WhatsApp is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Web. But it does not have an app for tablets & iPad.

Mostly, the WhatsApp messenger platform is used on mobile phones. But some people who use their computer always will prefer using the web version on their computer.

In that case, you will have to learn how to connect your WhatsApp from your android or iOS phone to PC.

Some Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Web From Your PC

Typing messages made easy

Always connected/online on your WhatsApp account

Great user experience

It tells you from the desktop when your phone’s battery is low

Compatibility issues are no more as it uses the web browser

No need to install any extension on your PC browser before using it

Every feature available on the mobile version is also available when using the web version.

Many more benefits while using the web version

Requirements Before Using The Web Version Of WhatsApp

Mobile phone e.g iPhone, Android or Window Phone with the mobile app installed

Desktop or Laptop computer. Any OS can be used (Windows, Mac or Linux)

Internet Connection

Web Browser on your computer

Steps To Connect & Use The Whatsapp On Your Desktop Or Laptop

Here are the steps to Get WhatsApp on laptop and connect on the web to receive & send messages.

Note: your WhatsApp account must be logged in on your mobile phone. And you will have to verify your connection with QR code for using the web version (only once).

  • Launch your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Connect your device to the internet
  • Launch your browser
  • Open the web WhatsApp page
  • Now head over to your WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  • Tap on the   dot from the top right of the screen

  • Now, tap on “WhatsApp Web” in the next pop up menu.


  • Tap on “Got it” if shown in the next screen
  • Now, point your Phone’s camera to scan the QR code that appears on the WhatsApp web page from your computer.

Get WhatsApp on laptop

  • It will automatically scan it once it’s well-positioned & pointed to the QR code. If it doesn’t scan, try to refresh the web page and set the camera still.
  • Once it successfully scans it, your WhatsApp will load up on your computer screen.

Your WhatsApp will keep logged in from that computer. That’s no need to scan QR code when you want to access your WhatsApp via that particular computer again.

Also, your phone must be connected to the internet & WhatsApp needs to be launched before you can use WhatsApp from the computer.

You can log in from many computers & also log out from any of the computers.

If you want to log out from any of the computers you have logged in.

  • Open your WhatsApp from your phone
  • Tap on the dot from the top right and tap “WhatsApp Web”
  • Then you can tap on log out for the particular PC you want to log out from.

Get WhatsApp on laptop


Installing WhatsApp On Your Computer

Alternatively, you can use the WhatsApp from a desktop application. The WhatsApp desktop application uses the WhatsApp web.

To install WhatsApp on your PC, visit and download the application for your computer (Windows or Mac)

Install and launch it

To log in, follow the same procedure when connecting to WhatsApp web

Possible Errors/Problems you may encounter

There are some errors you may encounter when connecting or using WhatsApp web and here’s how to fix them.

Q: Your phone can’t scan the QR code from the web page of WhatsApp online?

A: Refresh the web page and point your camera to the QR code properly Make sure your PC & Phone are properly connected to the internet.

Q: You can’t connect to WhatsApp after successfully logging in again?

A: Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone before you can be connected to the WhatsApp web.

Q: How can I log out of the computer?

A: Follow the steps we have discussed above

Q: QR code not showing?

A: click the QR code area to refresh or refresh the whole page.

Q: Can I save a contact to my phone via WhatsApp web? A: No, you will have to do that from your phone

Q: Can I view status & upload status from via WhatsApp web?

A: You can view status but you can’t upload.

Get WhatsApp on laptop
To view status, click on this at the top left of the web page

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