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Common Zoom Errors and How To Fix Them


Talking about Zoom errors, Telecommuting is fast becoming a global trend in today’s world and due to the corona virus pandemic, a lot of companies and organizations worldwide are now seeking for a safer and more convenient way of communicating.

Therefore, the invention and launching of one of the most used video conferencing system called ZOOM happens to be very timely.

However, since these technologies are man made, they are subject to errors and malfunctions. As at today, Zoom has had over 3 major update aimed at fixing these pressing issues and today I am going to let you know some of the vital and most common errors you may encounter while using the zoom software.

Common Zoom Errors

So here are the common errors you may encounter while using zoom

  • Echoes during calls
  • Video or Audio freezing during calls
  • Late Delivery of Email messages from Zoom
  • Zoom meeting invasion
  • Webcam or Microphone not Working

Echoes during Calls [How to Fix]

The quality of an internet call is often rated by the amount of interruption received during the call and this seems to be a major error that may user of Zoom face.

However, this is not a technical error as they are user-caused. Here are the most frequent reasons why you would be hearing an echo during a Zoom call

  • Too many devices using the same Zoom connection in One room. Distance should be given to solve this Zoom Error.
  • Someone is probably using both his PC audio and telephone audio at the same time, If this is the cause of the problem, hanging off would be the required solution.
  • Lastly, it may happen if anyone of the people in the conference is using a faulty device, so do ensure that all devices are up to standard according to the Zoom Software or app recommendation.

Video Or Audio Freezing During Calls [How To Fix]

Having a very poor quality call usually seen by freezing (either of the audio or video) is simply caused by a poor internet connection. Using 2G or 3G networks are not suitable for quality calls.

However, there is always a way out. To get a good call without any freezing even when you are using a poor network you should consider reducing the standard of the call (for instance, switching off the HD option and reducing the bandwidth from the appearance menu).

If you are sure of good network conditions, you may just have to change your current position as it works sometimes.

For more guide on Common Zoom Errors and How To Fix Them, you can check out this YouTube I found online. All thanks to the owner of the video. Check below

Late Delivery Of Emails From Zoom [How To Fix]

This is a technical problem and not necessarily your fault but you have to make sure some list at checked to make sure the error is not coming from your end.

To troubleshoot your own end, simply follow the following guidelines :

  • Make sure the Zoom email is not marked as scam and also ensure to check your spam mail folder before concluding.
  • If you are using a local host (not gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc), ensure that your host IP Address is functional.

Also be aware that confirmation messages may sometimes take up to thirty minutes to arrive, so a little patience could help.

Zoom Meeting Invasion [A Quick Fix]

It is common to always have terrorists both online and offline and to keep such people off your meetings and conferences, simply consider locking the meeting with the password feature. In this way, only people who you have shared the password with will be allowed to join the meeting.

Webcam Or Microphone Not Working

This is a common zoom error that is very easy to troubleshoot, all you have to do is to ensure :

  • There is no other software that also utilized the two amp (webcam and microphone) running in the background, if any is found, you will have to close them.
  • Make sure that you did not check any of the options (do not connect to audio and turn of my video) that popped up before the meeting commenced.
  • GRANTING ACCESS : From your PC setting, you will want to ensure that Zoom has being giving all due access to make use of your webcam and microphone.
  • In the case of using an external microphone, you will want to ensure that it is properly plugged into the audio jack.

Zoom Crashing [How To Fix]

Having the zoom app crash is the worst thing you can ever experinec during a meeting. This may be due to technical faults and also some disbilities from your end.

You will want to ensure that you have sufficient storage space as well as a reasonable Random Access Memory (RAM).

Also, using the web version of zoom has proven to be more efficient and a good way of solving this problem.


If you encounter any other problem, it is best to contact the Zoom support and make a complaint. Also if you use it in your company, having a computer engineer or personnel to make sure that the fault is not from your end will be a very vital move towards more efficiency and convenience.

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