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How To Change Your Name On Truecaller [Easy Ways]


In the world of cyber security and Identity, Truecaller has proven to be one of the most effective way of knowing the name of your caller.

A lot of financial organisations like paystack (a fintech startup similar to paypal for Africa) now use it to verify the real identity of their customers.

However, there is a loophole.

Since Truecaller does not have access to the database of the internet service providers (like GLO and MTN) because if they had access, they could simple show the name you used while registering your sim, the only way they can tell the name associated with a particular phone number is by scanning for the number on the phones of people that have the Truecaller app, and then finding out what most people saves the number as.

It may become very funny when a host of your clients save your number using the name of the service your business offers.

My Truecaller story

We acted a play in school where I played the lead role of a president (Buhari to be precise), That gave me extreme popularity and people started saving my number from the whatsapp group as buhari.

Few Days later, I called a realtor agent and he refused to pick my call, after several trails, he picked and ask why truecaller said my name was buhari, lol.

That left me with this question:

So how on earth do you tell Truecaller what name to show people?

I will tell you.

Changing Your Truecaller Display Name

There are basically two easy ways of changing your Truecaller display name and they are:

  • Changing your display name from the Truecaller website
  • Changing your display name from the Truecaller mobile application

Changing Your Display Name from the Truecaller Website

This is for majorly those who do not use the Truecaller mobile app on their phone because whether you use the Truecaller app or not, they will surely predict your identity and display to Truecaller users.

Does that mean Truecaller invades into your device

Hell NO. Truecaller will only be able to crawl your contact list to determine the name of other contacts when you install their mobile app. So even if you don’t use the Truecaller app, they still have access to your number through the phones of those, who have your number on their contact list and also using the truecaller app.

So to simply Change the Name others see to your preferred name, follow these steps :

STEP 1 : Go to the Truecaller Official Website

STEP 2 : Search your number on the search bar above


Your request will then undergo an approval process to make sure you are not feeding them with false details.

NOTE : The approval process may take a while, you can also send a mail to their contact email address found at the footer of the website to speed up the process.

Changing Your Display Name from the Truecaller Mobile App

Now, to change your truecaller display name using the mobile app, simply follow the following steps:

STEP 1 : Launch the Truecaller mobile app

STEP 2 : Open the menu bar

STEP 3 : Click on the edit profile button

STEP 4 : Type your names (first name and Surname) in the field provided and click save.

And that is all, their database will be automatically updated.

The reason there is no need for verification is that you have already verified that you are the owner of the phone number.


So that is how it works, Quickly go change your display name on truecaller before someone else sees a suggested name.

If after changing your name, the problem persist, please allow up to twenty four hours as the system is being refreshed every twenty four hours.

You can also consider having people knowing your real name so that they don’t end up saving your name with whatever comes to their mind.

Good Luck.

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