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Top 5 Blogging Niches For Nigerian Bloggers

Recharge and get paid (RAGP)

blogging is the art of writing contents related to a particular niche and placing it on a website (blog) for the free consumption of the public.

It has recently turned out to be one of the most lucrative way of making money online as well as a great source of passive income for many people of all ages across the world.

However, the major problem most bloggers face at their early days is coming is with a good blog niche. A blog niche simply means the area of concentration, meaning the whole contents on the blog will be centered on the niche.

Picking a god niche plays a major role in determining the level of success of the blog and as such should be taken with care.

Their are a ton of blogging niches out there and today I am going to be doing two things.

The first thing I will be doing is telling you what make a niche lucrative just in case you already have a blog niche in mind.

While the second thing i will be doing is I will be listing some of the most lucrative blog niches you can venture into in Nigeria.

So without wasting anymore time, let us get into the discussion of today.

Qualities of a Good Blog Niche

Not all blog niches are made equal, while some may be more lucrative and rewarding than another.

Not withstanding, whatever niche you choose to venture into will still require a lot of commitment and hard work from your end.

So the basic qualities used in judging the quality of a blog niche include :

  • Market Value
  • Market Saturation
  • Search Volume

Before we dive into what each of these factors entail, it is most important to put in mind that the way all internet businesses work (blogging included), is as follows

You drive traffic to your website that is already armed with a monetization model and the more traffic you get, the more money you make.

The niche also determines the value of your monetization model, while some niches have the ability of making up to a thousand dollar from every thirty thousand page views others may make more or even less.

So now we have established that point, let us explain what those points above mean

Market Value

The market value of a blog niche simply represent how much people interested in that niche are willing to spend. This will in turn translate to the payout of affiliate programs in that niche as well as the advertising cost per click which will be a very important factor if you are using google adsense.

Market Saturation

This is definitely one factor you cannot avoid. Some blogging niches in Nigeria are already over saturated and as such the money you can make it limited and in most cases minimal.

A very good example of such blog niches include the entertainment niche. the number of entertainment blogs in Nigeria surpass the number of readers interested by far, thus, it is going to be very difficult to penetrate into the market. The only blogs that make money in those niches are those that have being in existence before the niche became saturated and those who are exceptional.

Search Volume

The money you can make with your blog is directly proportional to the traffic your blog gets and the best source of traffic remain search engines like google. thus, if people are not searching often for things related to your blog on the internet, you will get little to no traffic.

That is why it is very important to cross check the search volume of the keywords you wish to target.

Now we have established the various criteria that are used for judging how lucrative a blog niche is. So I will be listing for you some of the best blogging niches we have in Nigeria today and i advise you do not go for the exact niches i will list but instead find a smaller area of concentration inside it.

So let us get started

Blog Niches In Nigeria

The most popular blog niches we have in Nigeria that actually make money include :

Make Money Niche

The make money niche is considered as one of the most lucrative niches in the world as they have a lot of high paying affiliate programs. It is mostly classified into two broad headings which include :

  • Make money online
  • Make money offline

Both of them are highly lucrative and if you got something of high value to offer, you will be making a lot of money.

However, due to the enticing commissions that bloggers in that niche get, the niche has become over saturated and will require a lot of commitment and solid SEO skills to survive.

Technology and How to Niche

The technology Niche is one of the biggest niche in Nigeria as a majority of the blogs that make a lot of money from google adsense are tech blogs. In fact, the tech niche can hardly be saturated due to its broad nature. It ranges from one aspect to another such as

  • Financial Tech
  • Mobile Communications
  • Educational Technologies
  • Product and device review
  • Cyber security and a lot more

Education Niche

The educational niche is one niche that becomes extremely popular during the end of the year due to the host of major exams and academic activities that are scheduled for that period.

They tend to make a lot of money from scholarship ads as well as selling info products and mobile apps to their followers. It is a very hot and lucrative niche but seasonal.

News & Politics Niche

This is a huge niche but unfortunately is already dominated by major news channels and media such as punchng, vamgaurd, sahara reporters and a lot more.

If you plan on taking on this niche, you should have enough money to hire experienced reporters to keep up with the trend.

Music & Sport

This include livescore and fixture websites as well as music, lyrics and download website. The music websites tend to be more successful and easy to enter when compared to the sport niche because most sport websites are automated softwares and not mostly blogs.

Musics (both religious and circular) are being released everyday. If you can be current and devoted, you will make a lot of money from it.

Food & Recipe Niche

The food and recipe blog niche is an awesome niche with a whole lot of audience. Starting your blog in this niche might take time and a whole lot of investments to get started but if you can focus on a particular area of the niche as I advised earlier, you should have no problem.

Entertainment & Gossip Niche

The entertainment and gossip niche is open for all as a majority of them get a bulk of their traffic from the social media, so if you can share contents a lot and you got a huge social media following, this is for you.


So that is it guys, good luck and always remember that nothing good comes easy, so you will have to work hard now to reap the reward later.

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