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Android 11- what to expect release data

Android 11

Android developers will be rolling out a new version called Andriod 11 on 3rd June, it appears to have many more features than the previous one but what comes to your mind when you heard of  Latest Android Version?
Android took a new step since they rolled out pie then Q, reasons why this one is called Android R is yet to be known before we dive in the features let me first remind you of Android Pie and Q.

The android 11 difference from Pie

 Android 9 Pie is the 9th update in Android OS. Android 9 Pie is the 16th version of Android OS and known as Android “Pie”. released for Developers in March 2018 and released as the open-source on 6th August 2018.

Android 10 or Q

OS familyAndroidGeneral availability September 3, 2019Latest release10 (QQ2A.200405.005) / April 6, 2020Preceded byAndroid 9.0 “Pie”
Android 10 is the tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. It was released on September 3, 2019.
Android 10 features that will transform your phone

Dark Theme. Users have long been asking for a dark mode, and Google has finally answered. …

Smart Reply in all messaging apps. …

Enhanced location and privacy tools. …

Incognito mode for Google Maps. …

Focus mode. …

Live Caption. …

New parental controls. …

Edge-to-edge gestures.
Benefits of Android 10?

Android 10 Highlights

Live Caption.

Smart Reply.

Sound Amplifier.

Gesture Navigation.

Dark Theme.

Privacy Controls.

Location Controls.

Security Updates.

Android 11 amazing features and release date

Eligible Android 11 phones list & Android 11 Developer Previews. … It will be called Android 11 aka Android R, because R comes after letter Q and Google follows that trend while naming the new Android versions.
The release date was announced by Andriod Developers on Twitter, the Android 11 Beta Launch Show is going down on June 3rd at 11:00AM ET.. Get ready for …


And a live Q-&-A afterparty with Android experts.

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The new Android 11 features: Developer preview explore

Message bubbles. …

Screen recording. …

Redesigned notifications. …

New Recent apps screen. …

Back gesture sensitivity. …

iPhone-like screenshot visuals. …

Dark mode scheduling. …

Single time app permissions.

My question is why is Android 11 hardly any change for Android 10. As well, 10 from 9, 9 from 8 and 8 from 7. The last real change was lollipop and material design hasn’t really evolved.

What about wirelss & automatic

Desktop mode
Android auto mode
Wear os mode
Stadia Mode
Android TV mode
Door bell mode
Casting in screen off,minimised condition

No more hardwares required only new screens required to do any thing

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