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5 ways to recharge your phone without using a voucher

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Do you want to know other great ways of recharging your mobile phone in Nigeria without a recharge voucher? If yes, this post is for you.

Some years back I had a lot of terrible moments especially at nights when I could not get access to a recharge voucher and I needed to subscribe to a night browsing data plan but thanks to a host of financial technology we now have a own bulk of ways we can get our phones recharged.

If on the contrary you always get access to vouhers, probably you are a seller, it may interest you to know that purchasing airtime and data plans using these alternative methods proves to be cheaper and far more benefitting to you.

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So without wasting much time, let’s quickly get to the business of the day.


Recharge with USSD

This is one of the popular methods availible. All the banks in Nigeria accept airtime recharge mechanism along with a host of others using their USSD code. For instance, the USSD code of United Bank for Africa is *919# and that of Guarantee Trust Bank is *737#. If you don’t know that of your bank, consider contacting them or better still using Google search.

Actually this method had no other benefit than the fact that you can recharge without stepping your feet out of you house.

Recharge And Get Paid

This is popularly called RAGP. It is a platform that partners with all telecommunication companies in Nigeria. 

With RAGP you earn up to 10% back from all your recharge.

What that means is that if you spend a total of #10,000 a month on data plans, they would automatically pay you back #1000 which is 10% of #10,000.

If you live in a big community such as a campus or school, you can also earn a full time income on the side by helping people recharge their phones using your portal.

RAGP works using a system know as VTU.

The downside of RAGP is that it requires a registration fee depending on the plan you pick.

To find out more, consider visiting their official website 


Recharge with opay

This is my favorite method and in fact I guess you would love it.

Opay is a trending start up by Opera, the same company that owns opera news, Oride, Olist along with a host of integrated companies.

Opay enables you to make payment and also receive payment without paying any fee.

They also offer cashbacks on a variety of options.

Currently, I am about to purchase an airtime of #500 and I am to pay #400, this means that I save up to #100 from the purchase.

You too can start saving more Mony by using OPAY. All you have to do is download the Opay app from Google play store and sign up using you phone number.

The good thing about it is that it is absolutely free with no hidden charges.

VTU operators.

This is also another great method of saving money when you buy airtime or data. If you live in Nigeria, you may have come some set of adverts online especially on WhatsApp that promises to give you mobile data at a cheaper rate compared to your internet service provider.

This is very legit.

Use chipper.

This is quite similar to opay, you can also download the app from the Google playstore, however if your main aim is to recharge our phone, I would prefer you go with Opay as the registration process it easier.

Use Naija pay

Naija Pay has been well designed to ensure smooth user experience on every kind of device possible, so whether you are accessing it from a smartphone or any other mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, you can be well you will enjoy a smooth user experience without any hassles. No matter what network you use – MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile – you can purchase any amount of airtime or data bundle you want on Naija Pay. You can also buy airtime and data directly for your friends and loved ones by simply putting in their own phone number on the platform during purchase; it is easy, convenient and totally stress-free.

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